I just really love Dasey so I read fics about them and rec them :)

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Anonymous whispered, "Hi, so I remember reading a Dasey fanfic where Casey lost her memory when she was at summer camp where she meet Derek and they feel in love but she doesn't remember Derek or anything that happened that summer. And then they found out they where going to be related and only Derek remembers what happened. I think the fic is called "in the moment" but I can't find it anywhere. Can you please help me find it."

ooooh that sounds really good, but i haven’t heard of that one before.. has anyone else? 

and where did you read it? (so ao3/livejournal/ff.net)

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remingtonrand-writes whispered, "Hi, I'm an author starting up a blog for the fanfics I write. One of my main pairings I write about is Dasey. The blog's still a WIP but one feature I wanted to include with the blog was fanfic rec collections (like yours) along with my personal recs/reviews. For fics from another blog's collection that I review, I intend to include location credit, but I wanted to make ensure you agreed with this method and are okay with it. Please let me know! :)"

that sounds fantastic/really useful and i’m looking foward to your fics/recs :D

also i saw some drarry recs on your blog so yay!

im going to hit publish so everyone can also check it out!

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kickthetires-lightthefires whispered, "Where can I find Life with Derek online??"


!! :)

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countessbutterfly whispered, "I just wanted to help out the anon who wanted dirty dasey recs. Um, Different For Girls was really really good but subtle. If you want something more obviously dirty, Reunion was a great one too. All I Ever Wanted was the fic that broke me, but in a good way. Hope it helps!"

this is super helpful, those fics are definitely brilliant … thank you!!

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When Ashley keeps interrupting Michael’s interview

guys this is so cute ldfksldkjflksdfsdf

Anonymous whispered, "Hello! I wanted to say I absolutely LOVE this blog, thanks for making it. :) Anyway, I was wondering out of all the fanfics you've read, what are some of the most in character ones? Thanks."

Hi! I’m glad you do! ~~you’re welcome! and most of the ones on the masterlist, but especially these ones I’d say:



this one’s an AU but really, really great characterisation: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4121406/1/Not_Listening


:) xxxx

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27. back to the border by moirariordan 

okay moirariordan is just my favourite and this fic is so gooood. 

summary: Casey makes the Dean’s list. Derek takes up smoking.


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Anonymous whispered, "This may seem weird, but I just want to thank you. I read a fic along time ago and I've been looking for it for hours, well when I look at your master list I press a random link and there it is! so thanks. :]"

no weird at all because that makes me very happy and it’s pretty cool how you found it by clicking a random link! ~ you’re welcome! :))

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And the sound as it fell: Can Life With Derek Again just exist already? 


Cause I’m in the mood for Dasey and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every Dasey video that hasn’t been removed from Youtube and read every fanfic that had decent writing and my head hurts too much for me to make my own right now because I’m sick and I just really want a good Dasey moment and even if…

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